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Chapter Two


Rin plopped down on the couch in her room and leaned her head back. She felt exhausted. She was so distracted with talking to Len that she entirely had forgotten how cold she was, and as soon as he left, the chill returned. She pulled a blanket on top of her and drew her knees up to her chest, struggling to regain the warmth. Her house wasn't the best, it was clean and well kept but the windows and insolation were really weak making the Winters more harsh than they already were. And not only was she cold, but she just couldn't stop thinking about Len. Where did he live? What school did he go to? Will she really see him again? Rin closed her eyes. This was all so confusing. Rin hadn't fallen in love with someone so fast before.

Rin started to drift off when her phone started ringing. She picked it up and saw it was a call from her friend Miku. "Hello?" Rin said.

"Hey Rin! It's Miku." A cheerful voice responded.

"Hi, Miku! What's up?" Rin asked. Miku was a grade ahead of Rin, but was nearly the same height as her. She had long, turquoise pigtails that nearly reached the floor, and blue eyes.

"Guess who I talked to today?" Miku said excitedly.

"Let me guess, Kaito?" Rin guessed. Kaito was Miku's homeroom teacher, with dark blue hair and eyes, and an easygoing personality. He seemed to be in his 20s, and lots of girls had little crushes on him. Miku let out a squeal.

"Yes! I stayed after school to work on some homework and he offered to help me!" Miku giggled.

"I don't know what you see in older guys, Miku." Rin joked. Sure, Kaito was good-looking, but how could Miku expect Rin, a 14 year old girl, to have a crush on a 20 year old man? Rin chuckled along with Miku.

"Well, I gotta go! See you tomorrow, Rinny!" Miku said, hanging up her phone. Rin did the same. Miku was always so peppy, no matter what. It was kind of exhausting for Rin, but Rin still loved her. Rin couldn't imagine having to graduate without her. Rin looked at the time at her phone.

"What?! 8:30?" Rin gasped. Had she been really been lazing around for three hours? She had homework to do. She pulled the blanket off her and changed into her pajamas. She then ran into the kitchen and rifled through her backpack, then pulled out a thin notebook and opened it up. She worked vigorously, for it was due the next morning.

Once Rin finished her homework, she shoved the notebook back in her bag and lumbered back to her room. She plopped down on her bed and pulled her fluffy comforter over her whole body. "Why can't it just be break already." Rin sighed to herself. She peeked out from under her blanket and switched off the light. She was so tired, but at the same time so awake. She tried to "dream" about her and Len, making up scenarios of her asking for his phone number, him asking her out... If only it were real. After numerous daydreams, she finally drifted off.


Rin woke up to the sound of her alarm. She slipped out of her bed and put on her Winter Uniform, gathered up her bags and shuffled into the kitchen. She placed her bag and jacket by the door, and started preparing a lunch for school. She put in extra sweets so she could share with her friends, and possibly even Len. She then put the lid on the box and slipped it into her bag, then put on her jacket and walked out the door.

It wasn't snowing today, so she got on her bike and started pedalling towards her school. As she passed her bus stop, her heart sank slightly when she saw Len wasn't there. Then again, maybe his school started later or earlier. Or maybe he was walking today. Her pedalling slowed when she realized she still had 20 minutes before school started, and she looked around at the trees. Without the snow, the leafless trees looked so dead, only evergreens looking plentiful.

She made her pedalling come to a stop as she hopped off her bike and chained it up to the bike racks in front of her school. Some kids were already there, some talking to their friends outside on the front steps, some texting, and some sitting alone. Rin walked inside the school and took off her jacket, then walked into her classroom. Her homeroom teacher and a few kids were already there.

"Morning, Rin." Her teacher, Luka, said. Luka had pale pink hair that went down to her waist, and crystal blue eyes. She was incredibly tall, even taller then Kaito, and curvy as well. There was something so cool about her, and she never seemed to yell. Lots of boys in Rin's grade try to impress Luka.

"Good morning, Ms. Luka!" Rin exclaimed, waving at her. Rin slipped into her seat and put her bag under her desk right after pulling out her notebook and pencil. She put her supplies on her desk and eased back into her chair. She was so eager to meet Len at the end of the day.

More and more kids started arriving, giving the class a more lively feel. Rin usually didn't get to school this early. Then finally, the school bell rang. Luka walked up to the front of the class and wrote down our English assignment, and all the students pulled out textbooks and opened them up. Rin had a hard time with English, so she had to ask frequent questions, and always stuttered or messed up whenever she was called on. But Luka seemed to understand. Luka spoke perfect English, and Rin was always so jealous of her. She was tall, beautiful, smart and mature. She couldn't help thinking of what Len would say about her.

Around lunch time, Rin waited for Miku outside of her classroom. Rin peeked in to see Miku chatting with Kaito, a huge grin on her face. When she saw Miku waving him goodbye, Rin quickly looked away.

"Hey, Rin!" Miku greeted. The two walked to their favorite spot to eat, under what was a beautiful cherry tree. They ate there together everyday, and no one ever seemed to bother them.

"Miku, I met a boy yesterday." Rin brought up. She couldn't keep it inside forever.

"Really?! Who?" Miku asked excitedly.

"His name is Len. I met him at the bus stop." Rin answered.

"What's he look like? Where does he go to school? How old is he? Where does he live? Is he pretty? What's he--"

"Slow down! I just met him... He's blonde, has blue-green eyes, he's tall, and yes, he's pretty." Rin giggled. "I'm not sure where he goes to school, but it's near ours. And he's in high school. I'm not sure how old or where he lives, but he told me that he lives on his own."

"Oooh, he sounds so cool! Maybe I'll come with you to the bus stop today to meet him." Miku suggested. Rin was both happy and upset about the gesture, because what if Miku wanted to sit by her? What if she made things awkward?

"Okay, but you have to promise not to tell him anything I said! And don't try to set us up, either." Rin told her.

"You got it! Oh, I can't wait!" Miku finished her lunch and put the lid back on and packed it away. Rin did the same.

Rin carried on with her classes for the rest of the school day, and once the school bell rang, Rin picked up her bags and put on her jacket, then ran out of the class like there was no tomorrow. She rushed over to the bike racks, got on her bike and sped over to the bus stop. She chained her bike up to the bench and sat down. She soon saw Miku running up from the other side of the school.

"Hey, Rin!" Miku exclaimed. Miku hurried up to her and sat down.

"Hey Miku." Rin replied. She suddenly wished Miku wasn't there. She wanted to be alone with Len. "Um... Miku, would it be okay if I came over to your house later instead of you coming on the bus?"

"Huh, why?" Miku asked. "Oooh, I get it. Alone time with you man." Miku nudged Rin in the arm. "All right, well, meet me at my house at... Five o' clock! See ya!" Miku ran off in the opposite direction. She was so easy to talk to, Rin loved it. Then Rin heard footsteps, and she looked over to see Len walking up to the bus stop.

"Len! You made it!" Rin exclaimed happily. She couldn't help but be excited. Len sat down next to her on the bench and looked Rin in the eyes.

"How could I not make it? I've been looking forward..." He stopped mid-sentence and looked away. Rin could see him blush a little.

"Looking forward to...? You have to tell me now! Come on!" Rin insisted, scooting closer to Len. She knew he was embarrased, but it was so unlike him. "Are... You okay?"

"I'm fine. I was just going to say..." Len leaned his head sideways and looked back at Rin. "I was just going to say that I was looking forward to seeing you again." Rin blushed and looked down at her feet. She couldn't believe it, she totally had a crush on him.

"I was looking forward to seeing you too, Len!" Rin replied giddily. She couldn't lie. The bus pulled up in front of them and they both got on, sitting next to each other once again. "So, Len... How old are you?"

"I'm 14. You?" He replied cooly.

"I'm 14 too. What a coincedence." Rin said. Len was sitting next to the window, and he looked so focused on the outside. "Where do you live, Len?"

"Just in the apartments down the road from your house. Nothing special."

"But it's so cool, living alone... It makes you seem so mature." Rin giggled. "You'll have to show me your place sometime, okay?"

"All right." Len agreed, leaning his head against the window. Why did he seem so sad today? Rin grasped the edge of her skirt and sighed. She wanted to make a move so bad. But what would she do? Maybe she should just ask for his number.

"Hey, Len, what's your phone number?" Rin asked. She felt like she was being too bold. Len took out a small piece of paper and wrote down some numbers, then handed it to her. She accepted the note and put it in her back pocket. The bus then pulled to a stop and the two got off.

"Rin, do you want to see my home today?" Len asked quietly.

"Of course!" Rin replied. She was so excited. "Lead the way!" Len started walking and Rin soon followed. They occasionally asked each other questions and made conversation, but around half-way there, Len stopped walking. Rin gave him a confused look and walked up next to him. "What's up?"

Len grabbed her hand and resumed walking. Rin blushed more than she ever had before. They weren't even dating and were holding hands... She felt so warm. The two crossed the street and walked through a wooden gate that led to a large apartment complex. It looked really clean. Len led her up some stairs and opened up a door. When Rin walked in, the entire apartment was clean and had an extremely laid-back atmosphere. There were several bookcases, a TV, a couch and some chairs. There was also a hallway that led to two other rooms, one being a bathroom and the other a bedroom. The kitchen also connected to the main room.

"Wow, it's really nice here! You're so lucky to have this apartment, Len." Rin praised. She continued to look around.

"Thanks. It gets kind of lonely, though. Boring, too. Once you've read every single book in the bookcases and watched every show, things to do sort of run out." He replied, pulling out a chair in the kitchen and sitting down. Rin followed him and did the same. "Do you want something to eat?"

"Oh, sure!" Rin answered. Len stood up and took out two packets of noodles and started boiling water on the stove. He took some ham and leeks out of the fridge. He poured the boiling water into two bowls, then put the noodles in, followed by the ham and leeks on top.

"You'll have to let it sit for a few minutes, then you can eat." He said, putting a bowl in front of Rin and one in front of himself, then sitting down once again.

"Yay! I love noodles." Rin giggled. "Thanks, Len. You're the best!" Len chuckled.

"Hey, Rin, I think I love you."
Wow, does it get anymore cheesy than this? And yes, I put Miku, Luka and Kaito in this as well. Expect more Vocaloids to join in. Welp, sorry for this one being so long. I hope you like it <3
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